A blog expressing the thoughts of Spectrum Financial regarding Spectrum’s trading philosophies and various market commentaries.


Spectrum Financial, Inc. was founded in 1986 as an RIA to provide investors with flexible and opportunistic investment approaches designed to avoid the all too often severe losses of a bear market and market volatility. Our investment products include mutual funds, The Spectrum Funds, and separately managed account strategies available for individual investors, financial representatives with affiliated broker dealers, and other financial professionals.


We are technical analyst and market technicians- making us an active money manager. Daily, we analyze market internals and adapt our techniques reflected in our models and strategies to position our clients for the best potential market opportunities during any given environment. Spectrum’s identity is shaped by the philosophy that side-stepping drawdowns preserves your capital, and then reinvesting at the right time will grow that capital with less risk compared to buy-and-hold alternatives.


Spectrum’s value for investors is the expertise in knowing when, how and with what investment products to achieve that outcome. We continue to create and fine tune strategies that have been running for 30+ years  in our separately managed account strategies and mutual funds.


If you are interested and would like additional information regarding our investment products, please contact our business development team and they will be prompt in assisting you.