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Spectrum Financial Inc. is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor with a 30+ year track record of building client assets using active risk management techniques. Founded in 1986 by money manager Ralph Doudera, Spectrum has long been considered one of the more successful active investment management firms serving individual investors. Spectrum is also recognized for its unique philanthropic stance and is dedicated to helping people throughout the world live better lives.

We manage investments for individuals, institutions and financial representatives. Specifically, Spectrum provides portfolio management services to IRAs, corporate pension, profit-sharing, 401Ks, charitable institutions, foundations, endowments, and trusts. We also serve advisors and individuals targeting specific personal financial goals, from retirement savings to education funding.

For more than three decades, our primary objective has been achieving consistent rates of return that are in excess of a buy/hold strategy over a complete market cycle. Our investment philosophy gives your portfolio an entry to build equity when the market turns back up instead of spending your gains just trying to get back to breakeven. We invite you to learn more by reading The Full Spectrum, our newsletter, here.

Our strategies can be accessed as mutual funds or separately managed accounts and through our asset management platforms.


" To improve your life financially, by adding value to the investing process with flexible and opportunistic
investment approaches, active risk management and asset diversification.



The needs of our clients are our first priority.


Ongoing research and evaluation of our methods and strategies is the second priority.


We believe the process of investing is best through active management.


We take our industry partnerships seriously, and are committed to their success as much as our own.


Life is meant to be enjoyed and the blessings we receive should be passed on to others through thoughtful philanthropy.

" If we had to define Spectrum Financial in a sentence,
risk management would be in it

Mary K. Collins, President



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" Trading is my hobby & giving is my passion.
Ralph Doudera, CEO
Ralph Doudera

Ralph Doudera is the CEO and head Portfolio Manager of Spectrum Financial, Inc. Ralph has a Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Management and Finance from New Jersey Institute of Technology. He has also received a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies from Regent University.

Ralph has lectured and written about various investment and philanthropic topics:

  • Low Risk Investment Strategies for the National Association of Active Investment Managers (NAAIM)
  • Written and published over 115+ Spectrum Quarterly Newsletters for clients and shareholders
  • Investment Perspectives and Philanthropy at Jesus Film Briefings
  • “Why Should We Distribute Our Wealth?”, Annual Meeting at Haggai Institute
  • “Helping the Poorest of the Poor”, at Opportunity International
  • The Investment Advisor magazine article “Beating Buy and Hold: A Thinking Man’s Guide to Market Timing” (May 2015)

He founded Simply Distribute in 2004, a 501(c)3 charity that contributes to organizations promoting microfinance, supporting third world children hospitals, building orphanages and churches, and evangelism. He believes this is the best way to make positive changes in this world.

Ralph has five children and eight grandchildren. His activities are diverse, from auto racing to composing music and playing the piano on his church worship team. He also enjoys surfing in Costa Rica where he currently owns the beachfront Casa Cecilia Hotel in St. Teresa, Costa Rica. His first book, Wealth Conundrum, discusses the accumulation of wealth and the responsibilities related to it, is available on Amazon.com.

These resources are not an offer to provide advice nor a recommendation to invest, and are for informational purposes only.

Ralph's Interests


Ralph Doudera, Founder & CEO

Ralph Doudera, CEO

CEO & Head Portfolio Manager
Mary K Collins, President

Mary Collins

President & CCO

Chris Hendricks, Market Research

Christopher Hendrix, CMT

Assistant Portfolio Manager, Team Leader

Portfolio Services

Emily Collins, Business Development<br>Team Leader

Emily Frazier

Institutional Investor Specialist, Team Leader

Investor Services

Robert Harmon, Client Services Team

Robert Harmon

Retail Investor Specialist

Investor Services

Scott Doudera, IT Services Team

Scott Doudera

Head of Information Technology

IT Services

client protection


Safeguarding our clients' information drives security at Spectrum.

client protection


Our office is protected by a security alarm system, security cameras, and all critical data servers are under lock and key.

Onsite, Spectrum has a natural gas powered generator to run our office in the event of a power failure as well as redundant data feeds and telecommunication capabilities.


We have redundant backups to diverse locations and offsite recovery plans in case of an emergency or disaster.


To safeguard our clients' information, we have perimeter firewalls, constant intrusion monitoring, password protected databases, and real-time server mirroring. Even our secure Internet connection is redundant to assure dependable access to the market as we seek to provide the best return for our clients.

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