During an interview this week, I was asked a question which required more contemplation than just a quick answer. “What keeps you from retiring?” A thought provoking question, as I recalled my decision to retire exactly 30 years ago after the market crash in 1987. That decision was reversed shortly thereafter as I purposed to work for reasons other than to enrich myself. Maybe somehow I could make a difference by helping others accomplish success working with the poor, the sick, and the spiritually bankrupt. I set a financial goal. Instead of how much I could accumulate, I set a lifetime goal of how much I would give. It was an ambitious goal. I still remain committed to it and still see it as something I will achieve. But that is not the only reason I have not retired.

I have found that I love my work. I love being challenged. And I love competition. I also love working with my employees, seeing them develop professionally, and working with them to provide a service to our clients. I have also found very few other investment advisors who I would trust with my own investments. This is not to say that there are no others who have better performance.

But on a risk adjusted basis, I have found none who have provided the consistency of low volatility and acceptable returns that we have had. This of course was the basis for how Spectrum began 30 years ago—by handling clients’ investments as I would my own.

I also have found that all the trading experience I have gathered in the last 8000+ market days have helped me understand the relationship between risk and return, which many advisors often ignore. With many new investment vehicles now available, I find it more interesting than ever to continue to improve what we can do for our clients.

I will continue to attempt to provide a profitable service for clients, while having fun at work each day. I know that everyone working in our office can take credit in making a difference not only for our clients but for many less fortunate all over the world. Together we can make a difference. Retirement is not a concept I find in my Bible, but I find the word servant used 923 times. Hopefully, we will all continue to work with this standard in mind.